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We sell a wide range of cleaning supplies from leading Australian and World cleaning brands.
For any enquiries / large orders, please contact us today.
We sell direct to public, both online and in-store at our warehouse in Ravenhall.
We have undertaken a green clean initiative, with our domestic range of environmentally friendly products.
A proud family owned business with over 30 years experience within the cleaning industry.

Welcome to Agrade Cleaning Supplies

Agrade Cleaning Supplies on FacebookOur website is currently under construction and going through frequent changes. If you're having any issues please call us on (03) 9363 4200 and we will be more then happy to assist you with any enquires!

Our ONE STOP inexpensive and competitively priced cleaning products are fully guaranteed for both commercial & industrial applications through to domestic cleaning use.

Agrade Cleaning Supplies manufacture & supply cleaning chemicals from other Australian leading chemical Companies. Our range consists of our own brand, which are excellent products & value for money. We have a product in all categories to suit your requirements. The premium chemicals range are chemicals from Citrus Resources, Research Products, Whiteley’s, Deb, Johnson Diversey, Campbell Cleantec, Cleancare, Peerless Jal, Chempak & Tonizone, just to name a few. We can order in specific products that you require if it is not listed here.

Cleaning equipment & materials are unsurpassed in selection range and quality. Agrade Cleaning Supplies carefully select only the best selling products to add to our extensive web site. Buy your cleaning products here, worry free and in the complete comfort of your own residence or work place. If there is a cleaning item that you require, but is not listed here, please call one our friendly staff members, who will only be too content to answer your request. CALL (03) 9363 4200

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  • FAD (Food Area Degreaser/Sanitiser) Available in both 1L & 5L

    Food safe, Non Tainting, Spray on and wipe off. 


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  • Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner – Kleen All - 5L

    Kleen All General Purpose Floor Cleaner is a multi-purpose, mildly alkaline cleaner. The product dries streak-free and has a pleasant floral fragrance. Recommended for all washable hard surfaces including walls, floors (vinyl, ceramic, tiles, quarry tiles), vehicles and can be used through pressure washers.


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  • Rapid Hi-Genic Total Bathroom Cleaner - 5L

    Hi-Genic is a toilet, urinal and washroom cleaner formulated on safe acids and nonionic surfactants; a combination that has proven to be the least corrosive, yet still delivering excellent results. The regular use of Hi-Genic brightens stainless steel and porcelain surfaces.


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  • Rapid Grill & Oven Master - 5L

    Grill Master Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner is a caustic base foaming alkaline cleaner for ovens, grills, hot plates and deep fryers. It can also be used to clean stainless steel canopies in kitchen environments.


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  • Rapid Rinse Free Sanitiser - 500ml

    R.F.S is a non-rinse sanitiser with a complex blend of quaternary ammonium compounds. It has superior germicide activity and its no rinse properties are crucial to a kitchen sanitising program. RFS is specifically used as the final rinse sanitiser at the end of the standard kitchen and food processing cleaning program.


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  • Rapid Trojan Heavy Duty Degreaser 5L

    Trojan is a heavy duty alkaline liquid floor cleaner formulated to cut through built-up grease and kitchen soil. It will strip-away grease on hoods, vents, ovens and kitchen floors.


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